Do’s September

What to do in the garden for September

  • Tie Sweet Peas to supports
  • Dahlia clumps left in the ground can be divided now
  • Plant new perennials & pot on any cuttings
  • Winter flowering Sasanqua Camellias can be pruned after flowering
  • Feed Camellias, Rhodo’s, Azaleas, Daphne, Pieris and Ericas with old animal manure
  • Plant and repair lawns
  • Still plant onion seedlings
  • Tomato seedlings should not be planted yet (late frosts!!)
  • Weeds are thriving, keep them clear
  • Spray Peaches and nectarines for leaf curl at pink bud swell
  • Prepare vegetable beds for spring planting
  • Enjoy the spring bulbs