Do’s June

What to do in the garden for June

  • Camellias are blooming so buy new plants now
  • Older Hydrangeas may be pruned now – remove older grey wood and reduce younger canes to a good pair of buds
  • Plant new deciduous trees, shrubs, roses and vines
  • Lift Dahlia tubers, divide and store in sawdust in dark dry area
  • Houseplants should be moved away from heaters
  • Do not allow vegetable plants to dry out
  • Prune Pome fruits (Apple, Pear, Quinces etc.)
  • A winter spray of pest oil or copper spray will clean up fruit trees
  • Shred prunings and add to compost or mulch
  • Remove any broken or crossed branches from trees or shrubs
  • Rake fallen leaves onto beds or compost – don’t burn