Do’s July

What to do in the garden for July

  • Remove flower buds from spring annuals for better displays
  • Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camellias will need watering leading to blooming
  • Prune Wisterias and deciduous climbers
  • Prune later flowering shrubs (not spring flowerers)
  • Order summer flowering bulbs – Liliums etc.
  • Clean up prunings from fruit trees and mulch
  • Sow Globe Artichoke and Asparagus seeds
  • Clean and sharpen secateurs, loppers and saws
  • Sand and oil (linseed oil) wooden handles on tools
  • Turn over vegetable beds for spring plantings
  • Watch for pink bud swell on early Peaches & Nectarines & spray for leaf curl with
    copper or lime sulphur