Do’s January

What to do in the garden for January

  • Lift spring flowering bulbs when leaves die off
  • Tie Dahlias and pinch out central growth to thicken plant
  • Summer prune roses for autumn display
  • Remove oldest canes on once flowering roses to encourage new growth
  • This humid weather promoted black spot – spray if necessary
  • Use Confidor for thrips on Roses and Gladiolus
  • Seeds can be sown now of many annuals
  • Nip out centres of Chrysanthemums to promote lateral leaders
  • Prepare veg. garden for winter Brassicas
  • Apply liquid fertilizer fortnightly to vegetables
  • Mulch Corn and Tomatoes
  • Dig Onions and Garlic and store in a dry position indoors
  • Prune berry bushes when fruiting is finished