Do’s December

What to do in the garden for December

  • Plant summer and autumn annuals
  • Remove weeds and top up mulch
  • Watch for sucker growth from below the graft on roses and remove
  • Dianthus can be layered or cuttings taken
  • Finish pruning spring flowering shrubs
  • Deadhead annuals and perennials to promote more flowers
  • Take cuttings of Daphne, Grevilleas and Buxus
  • Remove whippy growth from Wisterias
  • Twist off finished Rhododendron flowers & spray for lace bugs
  • Divide Bearded Iris if congested, plant new outside growth and discard old rhizomes
  • Continue to make sowings of vegetables
  • Prune stone fruits and thin fruit if too heavy
  • Watch for Pear and Cherry slug – spray with Success or Dipel