Do’s April

What to do in the garden for April

  • Trim evergreen shrubs so they recover before winter
  • Choose trees for autumn colour
  • Good time to plant or move Camellias, Rhodo’s & Azaleas
  • Look for Lilium, Hippeastrum & Sprekelia Bulbs
  • Complete planting of spring bulbs
  • Tidy leaves of Hellebores, Winter Iris & Aquilegias
  • Sow Asian Greens, Broad Beans & Peas
  • Plant all Brassicas (cover with fine netting against white butterflies, old lace curtains ideal!)
  • Remove all old leaves from Strawberries (put in garbage)
  • Remove 3 year old Strawberries & replace with new stock
  • Repot herbs and pot plants with new potting mix
  • Pick up any fallen fruit & dispose of if diseased